Big Top Circus Parties

Steve is pleased to be able to offer big top circus skills parties.

A great way for children to learn new skills;

  • juggling
  • spinning plates
  • walking on stilts and...
  • much much more.

The Big Top Circus party is an exciting way to get all the children interacting with each other in a fun way whilst learning new skills.

All this and The Steve Sausage Magic Show

Why not add these VIP extras to your Big Top Circus Party

Bags of Candy Floss

Bags of Candy Floss



Pick and Mix

Pick and Mix
"Excellent entertainment for lively children! 3 brilliant (but differently themed) years in a row now for my Grandsons and friends. Steve kept them very happily engrossed and at times enchanted. Loved the new 'Circus' theme where they used up some energy and had the chance to learn new skills before tea-time and winding down. Well thought out. Great fun and a little participation (if wanted) for family and parents too. Highly recommended. Thanks Steve. See you next year! X"
Aden's 6th big top circus workshop party
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