Want the most up to date & BEST TECHNOLOGY MAGIC PARTY EVER for 8yrs upwards


Want to make amazing family memories forever


Winner of entertainer of the year


Children are growing up so fast with technology and things changing everyday withthe latest gadgets 
well why not have a REAL CORPORATE TECHNOLOGY MAGICIAN Stephen B Wiley at your next party or event.

with Stephen B Wiley's TECHNOLOGY MAGIC SHOW Steve will do tricks with iphones,ipads,predictions plus much much more amazing REAL MAGIC.

This show is perfect for 8yrs upwards.

Running order of events

Stephen B Wiley Games & Technology Magic party .
starts with steve getting them in to teams for team games & collecting points thoughtout the party.

Steve's award winning Laugh a minute magic show to finish the party. The birthday child will help steve perform some amazing tricks in front all their friends & family - they will be the star of the show and look like a real magician.


Stephen B Wiley is not only a birthday party specialist he is also an award winning magician and a member of the world famous magic circle London and steve was invited to perform at the magic circle london by the president aswell.

Steve will guarantee that the party will be THE BEST PARTY EVER and all your guests will credit you for this & be THE STAR OF THE SCHOOL PLAYGROUND.

Whether it's a Family Stage Show or Children's Birthday Parties Steve can make this into a success so everyone is talking about it for weeks .

Birthday parties are stressful enough without you having to entertain the children as well, Steve has the experience to take control from soon as people arrive to when they leave allowing you time to relax and enjoy yourself. His unique blend of juggling, magic comedy, and lots of audience participation, combined with his experience, allow Steve to take control of the situation and keep children (of all ages) thoroughly entertained and mystified.